Why Every Photographer should have a 24-70 mm Lens

There are plenty of lenses out there that you can have in your bag, and plenty of choices among excellent lenses at that. And while a strong case can be made for many lenses, for me, one of the very best lenses you can have in your bag is a 24-70mm f/2.8 zoom lens.

Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons.

24-70 mm Lenses are Extremely Versatile

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits of having a 24-70mm lens like the Nikon model shown above is its versatility. If you shoot with a full frame camera, you can go wide at 24mm, get to short telephoto range at 70mm, and have tons of possibilities in between. If you’re using a crop sensor camera, you’ve got a solid standard to telephoto zoom lens that can handle all sorts of subject matter.

Either way, if you’re in a bind and can’t take tons of gear, a 24-70mm zoom is a great companion if for no other reason than its sheer versatility.

Speaking of versatility, this lens can tackle all sorts of photographic pursuits. They’re great for portraiture and landscapes, nature and wildlife photography, cityscapes, and various other types of photography as well.

And though the f/2.8 aperture isn’t the biggest in the world, it still offers better low-light performance than many other lenses. That means you can shoot with more confidence at dusk or indoors, knowing that your lens can collect more light for the shot.

24-70 mm Lenses Help You Miss Less Shots

I love a good prime lens. Who doesn’t?

But the problem with primes is that they just aren’t as convenient as a zoom. There have been many times over the years in which I was shooting a photo with a 24mm prime and wanted to get a closer view, so I dug my 85mm lens out of my bag. But by the time I swapped lenses, I missed the shot I wanted to get.

That’s not a problem with a 24-70mm zoom.

Sure, zoom lenses tend to be less sharp than primes. They also tend to have a bigger form factor and smaller maximum apertures. But if you’re in a situation in which getting shots in quick fashion is crucial (think sports photography or street photography), a zoom lens like the 24-70mm Canon-fit Tamron lens shown above is a great asset to have.

As far as photography gear tips go, one of the best things you can do to get better photos is to have gear that actually helps you get the shots when you need to!

24-70mm Lenses are Among the Best Lenses for Photographers

A great feature of many 24-70mm lenses is that they are lightweight. That makes them ideal for things like street photography and travel photography. Being able to shoot all day long with a versatile lens without getting tired means you can get more shots – and better shots, too.

Many companies build their 24-70mm lenses to be workhorses, and that means that they’re durable. Take the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM shown above as a perfect example. It’s got excellent optics, feels great in the hand, and is weather-resistant, so you can take it out in the rain and snow with confidence.

And that’s what it’s all about – confidence. Sure, it’s not the gear that makes the photo, but it sure does help having quality photography gear in your bag to help you complete your creative vision. If you ask me, a 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens is one such piece of gear that can do just that.

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